(Video)So Your Aura Affects Around You

Your aura is the natural energy field that comes from your physical body. Each plant and animal have an aura, and each has both a unique aura and fingerprint.

The aura is not just something that exists .. it serves a purpose. You can protect you and give you an insight to those around you.

Your aura extends about 1 meter away from your physical body.

When you go through traumatic, emotionally charged events, or highly charged experiences, your aura can be extended up to 6 meters!

If you happen to be in a crowd of people with elevated aura, then what happens is a very nice mix.

When your auric field connected with one another then exchange energy with it.

The energy from your aura can be seen in their area and vice versa.

You get a little bit of power and taking a little bit from yours.

As a result, some of your emotions are reflected on them and vice versa.

For example, I once had an intense experience with an elderly homeless woman.

While walking home after my lunch with leftovers in hand, asked me if I have a dollar to give to get some food.

I had no cash on me, but I asked if I wanted to take my leftovers. She graciously accepted it.

When the I gave, the whole energy changed me.

As he continued walking, all I could think about was the pain of those who are hungry.

How I was angry about how America treats its senior citizens.

Her energy, her experience, combined with my own, and the breeze pierced my energy.

Since the traumatic experience of life on the streets, the breeze may spread far more out than 1 meter. One thing is for sure.

You can hide your feelings, but you can not protect your aura.

So when you’re out smile look up at the sky. Be thankful for what you have in life.

Raise your vibration and let your aura to touch those around you!