Personal Problems…

Which are the personal problems?

Definitely they are those that concern our personality, it means the total of our regular, vital, emotional and mental expressions.

Without underestimating the pain of a disease or a less or more continuous physical weakness, emotional occasions are more decisive, since they color the thoughts and they influence even our natural mood.

It’s known that many times sadness is reflected immediately, in the one or the other way, on the body while at the same time it blocks the mind to any reasonable and prudent reasoning.

Why do we have these personal, mainly emotional problems? Because we ignore our emotional springs and consequently we can’t solve our problematic situations which are presented to us.

To all of us living in this world, for the one or the other reason, difficulties appear.

It makes sense if we agree with classical philosophers that life undertakes to teach us to live.

And it isn’t about a play on words.

We can learn from the experiences and the others’ advice, we can be prepared for the various situations of existence, but nothing is compared with the experiential practice of everything we have learned.

Life teaches us day by day, and it’s better to accept it as a teacher and not as an enemy.

As a teacher, it helps us to activate the best of our possibilities.

As an enemy, it will be only a long journey of problems, mostly personal ones.

How does life teach? In a very different way of all the others systems.

It teaches in a direct way, hitting to the sharpest point to obligate us to think even more. All the emotional ones hurt.

Even if sometimes feelings can be a cause of happiness and joy, most of them lead to fear, desperation, misery, indecisiveness, disability…

We could mention an endless list of problems, but it’s enough those that we all know about.

There are typical questions which concern survival, the race for the necessaries to live, in a more or less way, and according to our tensions and moods, our studies and training.

There are problems of studies and training because there isn’t always accessibility to them.

Or someone dreams of studying to build a commercial basis, and some years later they find out that it isn’t so as they imagined so.

There are family problems since many times there isn’t a clear communication among people who constitute a family core.

There are existence problems, since some people are troubled with issues about destiny, the inner self, universe, which we live in, and thousands of other “why” about our individual and team position in the world.

And, mostly, there are emotional problems, when there isn’t a good relationship with other people and when satisfying loves and friendships don’t appear.

I know that we could mention more examples, but starting from anyone of them, if they appear, the most possible are that they will lead us to a situation of paralysis.

Usually, the attitude before the problem is to seek easy and quick solutions which don’t tie down our will.

We resort to an acquaintance, we ask for help here and there… the problem blocks whoever seeks the answer out of themselves and, mostly, whoever considers that the injustice of life discomforts them with such hitches.

The negative feeling gains ground; ideas become more and more confused, natural organism starts to reflect stress, and then the problem increases the dimension of an insuperable mountain.

It only stays the pain, desperation, touchiness, attack on others for the share of responsibility which they might have… in the end, a bottomless well which becomes more and deeper and which is more and harder to get out from.

Under the same psychological breakdown, no one can see the light.

They ruminate their pain every second, and there isn’t anything more than this maniac passion anymore.

It’s then when solutions must come, logically from above. It’s needed to be lifted over the problem and the sadness to find the answer.

If we know that the root of the difficulty is on the emotional level, then we need to work with mental energy, so as to overcome the negative emotional atmosphere.

In the beginning, it may seem difficult, but everything is difficult when we try them for the first time.

We have to make an effort to climb a step, to pass over the clouds and reach to the clarity of our original thought.

We aren’t all wise, it’s known, but we all have more or less a total of meaningful experiences, to search for practical solutions to the problems that trouble us.

We need to be able to reach to our secret “corner of solutions.”

Some answers will seem useless, but tactfully remarkable and they won’t be absent the ones who are good.

Trying here and there, in a good mood and without the anxiety of distorted sentimentality, we obtain new experiences which will be useful for the following situations.

You aren’t just a pile of passions or emotions. You possess cognition and intellect to observe yourself “from outside” and to engrave your path more correctly.