How Important Is Self Knowledge?

Having self-knowledge isn’t the lack of mistakes, but the ability of yours to learn and correct them.

Daniel Chi deal

Lack of confidence.

Lack of responsibility. Lack of self-esteem. Lack of will. Lack of courage.

Everything different and everything so common.

Because they emanate from only one feeling. Fear.

Fear feeds everything. It is to warn and to protect you many times.

But when you stay in fear and on what it causes you without trying to overcome it, then you become its captive, and it manipulates you about every step and choice of yours.

You are afraid to believe in yourself.

You are scared to take up work.

You are afraid to try new experiences.

Many are people of extremity. Some people let situations to run because they believe that they can’t control them, while others try to control everything, even other people’s emotions, and choices.

But no one wonders about what they do themselves. Why did I react so impulsively when they canceled our stroll? What aims do I have and how do I see myself in 5 years?

Why should I think that I’m not good enough for this job?

Thoughts that run inside our mind every day.

But we let them pass like this unnoticed without paying attention.

What is the solution in all these? Self-knowledge.

It’s the most important and the most beautiful and the most demanding and the most rewarding trip that you have to make.

It’s the biggest challenge to everyone but only a few attempts to challenge themselves and learn who they truly are.

How you are with the people around you shows how you are with yourself.

If you constantly have conflicts with people that you meet daily, this means that you are in constant battle with you.

It means that you don’t like something and trying to solve your everyday problems; you will find out what’s wrong.

But in this way, you won’t find what you want to change. So how do you get you? Steps are simple.
Count your blessings.

• Be kinder
• Let whatever you can’t control
• Be productive
• Smile

You have success in your hands. Try new things going out of your safety zone.

And if you make anything wrong it didn’t happen anything bad. Learn from this.

Make an evaluation and see where you handled the situation correctly and where you didn’t.

You look to find satisfaction in material things, while all you need is subjective satisfaction, quality of relationships and reduce of your ego.

Make to your self a daily gift and recognize your positive points. And all these with a smile.

Photo: pixabay:com