9 Things That You Can Do To Live Happily According To Scientists…

1. Watch less television

Miserable people tend to watch television for hours.

2. Don’t be afraid to grow up

If you are afraid of white hair and health problems which time brings, you should know that most of the studies show that happiness is increased after middle age.

3. Plan vacation

Researcher ascertained that the planning of holiday, and not the travel itself, increases happiness for people.

Maybe the expectation of leaving away from our daily routine makes us smiling more than when we are indeed on the beach.

4. Make some changes in your routine

Even if you do something that pleases you after some time, it may be a routine and as a result not to offer you the same joy.

By the time to time, you should change habits.

For example, if you have some hobby, quick it for a bit and deal with something new.

5. Be surrounded by happy people

According to scientists, happiness is contagious; therefore it’s good to be surrounded by happy people.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you have to stop hang out with your friends who aren’t going through their best time or are pessimists.

You can make the change in your life and make things that will give them happiness.

6. Enjoy the nature

Looking at the green of nature, your mind takes a break, while life in the city can stress you.

Find some time to visit a close park or go outside in the garden to enjoy the beauty of nature and feel happiness.

7. Put in your life cultural activities

Visit a museum this weekend.

A research showed that men who are occupied with the culture are happier than those who aren’t interested in.

8. Have a pet

A fluffy friend will increase your self-esteem, the feeling that something belongs to you and the meaning of your existence.

9. Make charities or be a volunteer

Doing something good for society has its emoluments.

People who offer money for charity or become volunteers tend to be more satisfied with their life.

Photo: pexels.com