5 Simple Ways To Show Kindness…

Nowadays kindness seems to be more and rarer. It’s lost between rashness and impatience while we pass each other without paying attention. There are simple ways to bring politeness in your daily life and to “grab” its positive energy.


Think about how much kindness you can show with a simple movement of your lips. Smile to cashier when you pay for your morning coffee, to your co-worker who tells you good morning… a smile is contagious. Use it and those around you will do so!

Look the others at the eyes

Don’t be closed in your microcosm all the time. Leave cell phone to the side for a while and look the people on your way. Look the others at the eyes when you discuss. “Be connected” with them.

Say thank you

What happened to your good manners? Why are there so many rude people out there? A simple “thanks” can have a huge positive effect on someone. Respectively a request that is accompanied by the word “please” makes the difference showing respect. Two small words. Use them.

Recognize the presence of other people.

It doesn’t need a lot of effort to recognize the presence of the people that we pass by on a daily basis. Cleaner lady in the office, a neighbor of the opposite block… greet them. Give them a nod with your head. Smile.

Do compliments.

If you make a nice thought for someone, why don’t you tell them? Overcome the natural shyness and tell the lady sitting next to you in the bus how cute is the kid that she has in her arms. Say beautiful things to the ones around you and see their faces to lighten…

Photo: pixabay.com