With These 5 Phrases You Will Always Get What You Want!

If you are a dynamic character and always want to prevail your opinion, the following phrases will help you to make it, without letting yourself seem rude or fighting.

Start your sentences, like this:

What you mean is…

If you want to give some time to yourself and answer accurately to your interlocutor, then start in this way your speech making a short resume of what they said.

Like this, you will both give the impression that you understand what they tell you and answer better.

Which is your greater concern?

If someone doesn’t agree with your “plan”, then with the phrase as mentioned above you will learn what exactly they don’t like of your sayings.

What would give you a better satisfaction?

With this, you will show that you don’t care only about yourself, but you look for a standard solution so that everyone is satisfied.

Mind your interlocutor’s answer and make them understand that you want the best your work (even if you want to achieve your own)

I’m afraid that maybe…

The word mentioned above immobilizes your interlocutor since it shows them that not only you find a little problem with their plan, but also that you are afraid of something, urging them to think “a thousand times” everything they say.

Let’s take a break, before…

If you see that the situation is out of control and a solution hasn’t been found yet, then don’t overdo it.

Suggest taking a break, to think again what happened and to return better prepared.


Photo: pexels.com