15 Smart Psychological Tricks We All Must Know.

The 80% of human behavior is interpreted with the unconscious and only the 20% with the conscious part of the soul. A typical example is body language, which we can’t control entirely and therefore it can betray many times what we want, and we don’t say.

See below 15 clever psychological tricks that will make your life easier and will save you from awkward situations.

1. When a group of people laughs, people usually turn their eyes to the ones whom they feel closer to.
2. If you chew gum or eat, when you do something stressful, it reduces stress. It fools a part of the brain, so you think that since you eat you are out of danger.
3. If someone is angry with you and shouts to you, stay calm.
It’s possible for them to be even more irritated, but they will be ashamed of themselves later.
4. If you make a question to someone and they don’t answer you accurately, keep eye contact with them and stay silent. The person, who answers, will suppose that their first reply wasn’t right and they will keep talking.
5. With your face expressions, you can provoke the feeling you want. If you want to feel happy, smile as more as you can.
6. Don’t say “believe” or “think”.
This is inferred anyway, and it shows that you lack confidence.
7. When you have a job interview, imagine that the one who interviews you is an old friend. Like this, you will feel more comfortable, and you will present your true self.
8. If you look happy and excited when you meet some people, next time you meet them they will look happy and excited too for meeting each other again. Take as example dogs, which always practice this trick.
9. People are possible to do you a little favor if they have denied bigger one to you before.
10. Many natural effects of stress are the same as the ones of the very high well-being, such as heavy breathing and heart acceleration. If you redraw the stressful situation as a challenge, then the stress will be turned into joy.
11. Many people can’t separate intelligence from confidence. If you seem that you are very knowledgeable of your board, then people have the habit to concentrate on you.
12. If you work on costumer services, you put a mirror behind you. Costumers will be kinder to you since no one wants to see the wrong version of themselves.
13. If you are in a meeting and think that someone is trying to attack you, sit right next to them.
In this way, you will make them feel unconfident and not attack you. Or at least mitigate their wickedness.
14. When you are on a first date with someone, choose an unconventional and exciting place. In this way, the other one will combine this exciting feeling with you.
15. Observe the color of someone’s eyes, when you meet them for the first time. People with the same eye color seek more for the eye contact.


Photo: pixabay.com