10 Ways That Will Help You To Maintain Your Patience – Composure…

They are many times when you have been “that’s it, ” and you burst out, losing your patience and saying or doing things which you regret the next day. Try to apply the below pieces of advice, and you will see that calamity and patience will have a bigger role in your life.

1. Keep notes. A simple strategy, extremely helpful, is to note down in whatever way is convenient to us on a piece of paper, every time we are out of patience. So, when we see the piece of paper a week later, we will be able to estimate our situation, which means how often we “lose it” and to make a decision that we have to take action.

2. Find the reason. We either want it or not, some things irritate us more than others, for example the fact that children don’t tidy their toys or that a colleague talks constantly on the phone. If we detect the reason, then we can focus on how to correct the situation, e.g. making a gentle remark to a colleague, with a bit of humor- so as for them not to lose their patience too.

3. Take deep breaths. You have heard it many times, but it’s really salutary: when you feel that you will burst out, take a deep breath. Then another one and continue until you feel calmer.

4. Count up to 10. It concerns a trick similar with the breathing. As long as you feel your coolness to leave you, press “stop” and start to count in your mind, slowly, up to 10. It’s the most possible that as long as you finish, the first negative emotion will have petered out. If not, keep on the breaths.

5. Make small steps. Don’t try to fix all the reasons at the same time. Start with one thing pre time and work on how to control yourself as for it. If you succeed with this, you will be able to continue with the rest too.

6. Remember what is important. Sometimes we lose our patience with no excuse and about things that don’t matter to us the next day. But during the tense, we forget it. That’s why we have to put things in an order in our mind, so as in similar moments not to let ourselves to lose their composure for unimportant details.

7. Imagine the ideal reaction. This is something that you have to do you are calm and relaxed. Assume that you are in a situation that irritates you and think which reaction you would like to have. If you keep it in your mind, the next time when you will be in such a situation, you will react like you had imagined.

8. Unwind. For some people exercise is good, for others is the dance, for others is loud music etc. find what helps to relax and care to do it often. Like this you will be clear of tenses and you won’t “be fired up” so easy.

9. Try meditation. It will help you to find a fresh point of you and resort to it, every time that you need it. Moreover, you will learn to pay more attention to the present, instead of torturing yourself with pasted situations or being stressed about the future creating tenses inside you.

10. Practise. Every time that your patience “hits” red from now on, handle it as a chance to exercise in some of the above advice. The more you try it, the faster you will see the results.
The secret.

Patience isn’t something that we can conquer from the one day to the other if we aren’t patient people by our nature. But when love is the initial feeling inside us and not anger, dislike, hate and jealousy you will learn to react more mildly and to fret less and less. Leave space inside you for some more love.