10 Exceptional Habits That Improve Your Life…

Ten pieces of advice from the scientific survey about how we can improve our life with simple daily habits.


1. Go outside to nature


It’s most likely that you underestimate how important the contact with nature is.
And probably this is happening since there is a scientific study that certifies it.
But, it’s proven that contact with nature offers the next active:

• Reduces stress
• Makes us more creative
• Improves memory
• Make more intense the desire for social offer
• Reduces egocentrism

2. Workout


We all know how important this is, but few people do it consistently.

Besides the health benefits we are all aware of, exercise offers additionally the following:

• Makes us smarter
• Happier
• Improves sleep
• Increases libido
• Increases self-esteem, since we feel better about our body

A great Harvard study, in which they monitored 268 people for more than 70 years, assessed the exercise as one of the secrets to a good life.


3. Spend time with friends and family

The Harvard expert in the science of Happiness, Daniel Gilber, defined this as one of the biggest pleasure sources in our life.

• Relationships worth more than what you think
• Someone is feeling a social outcast; it has effect in their intelligence and even their health. Loneliness can lead to heart attack, stroke, and diabetes.
• The most long-lived people on earth emphasize the social participation.


Healthy relationships are more important than even exercise, for a long lifetime.

• Friends are the key to the improvement of your life. Share with them the good news and respond enthusiastically when they share good news with you.
• Do you want to feel directly happy? Do something good for them.


4. Express gratitude


Studies show that this will make you happier.

Use any way you see fit. From noting the good things that happen to you every day, to enumerating those that you think you should be grateful about.

This results in even improving your relationships and eventually making life better for everyone around you.


5. Meditate

Meditation cam increases happiness but also helps to find some meaning in life.

It reduces simultaneously:

• Anger
• Stress
• Depression
• Tiredness

In a similar way, pray can make you feel better- even if you aren’t religious!


6. Sleep sufficiently


You can’t deceive yourself about sleep.

The exhaustion makes difficult the sense of happiness.

The lack of sleep increases the possibilities to get sick, while in contrast the sufficient sleep even helps in the decision-making the process for problems that afflict you before bed.

The lack of sleep makes possible to behave immorally.

Even fast sleep are important:

• They increase alertness and work performance
• They boost learning ability
• They “pure” negative feelings while simultaneously increase the positive ones

7. Set challenges for yourself

• Learning one more foreign language, opening your mind
• Music lessons improve intelligence quote
• Doubting your beliefs enhances your intelligence


8. Laugh

People who use humor to face stress and difficulties:

• Have a better immune system
• Reduced danger of heart attack and stroke
• Feel less pain even during dental work
• Live more

Laugh operates like a daily vitamin.

Reminiscing funny moments and can improve even your relationships.

All studies confirm that laugh and humor offer many benefits.
The effect of the laugh in our organism.


9. Touch

Touch can:

• Reduce stress
• Improve performance
• And help you to be more persuasive
Hugs make us feel happier.

Sex helps to prevent heart attacks, improves the immune system.


10. Be optimists

As difficult as it is in the current situation, we shouldn’t skip stimulating the feeling of optimism.

Optimism improves our health, makes us happier and increases life expectancy.

The army tries to inculcate confidence in soldiers, to increase their mental strength.

Studies show that great confidence improves performance. Optimism strengthens the immune system.